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Meet Our Staff

This is the place for you to meet the TES staff through the eyes of our second graders. Each second grader interviewed and illustrated the TES staff. We hope you enjoy learning about everyone from the second graders’ point of view.

Mrs. Niki McGettigan

Principal and 3rd/4th Grade Teacher

Mrs. M loves when children get curious and excited about learning. She loves to teach all subjects but her favorite is writing because she loves to see how children think. In her spare time you would find her on Martha’s Vineyard reading and swimming. She was born in New Hampshire and lives in Temple. Mrs. M has been teaching at TES for many years. She loves to read all kinds of books and her favorite pet is her granddog Oscar. Spring is her favorite season.

Niki McGettigan

Mrs. Tina Perrault

First/Second GradeTeacher

Mrs. P’s favorite part of teaching is to see her class excited to learn. She loves teaching reading and her favorite books to read are Historical fiction. In her spare time you can find her motorcycle riding. She was born in Peterborough and now lives in Temple. Mrs. P. has been teaching at TES for several years.  Summer is her favorite season.  She loves cats and going to the beach on vacation.

Tina Perrault

Mrs. Marci Homan

K Teacher

Mrs. Homan has been teaching at TES for many years. Her favorite part of her job is reading to kids. Her favorite subject is writing. She was born in New York and lives in Peterborough. Summer is her favorite season and you could find her reading memoirs, biking or swimming. Mrs. Homan loves to go to Germany on vacation. She is a dog lover.

Marci Homan

Ms. Donna Clark

Educational Support Teacher

Ms. Clark loves working with kids and teaching them to read. She has been working at TES for a long time. In her spare time you can find her swimming, reading mysteries or making cheese. Rhode Island is her favorite place to go on vacation. She lives in New Ipswich but was born in Buffalo, N.Y. Ms. Clark loves her cat Clarisse and summer is her favorite season.

Donna Clark

Ms. Tammy Andrew

4th Grade Helper

Tammy has been working at TES for along time. The favorite part of her job is making kids feel safe. She was born in Stoneham, Mass. She lives in Temple. In her spare time she likes hanging out with her family and friends. Tammy loves the fall the best because of the hunting, football and the pretty leaves. Her favorite pets are cats and she loves to read scary books.

Tammy Andrew

Mrs. Lenora Davis

Eductional Support Para

Mrs. Davis was born in western New York and that is where she likes to go on vacation, to be with family. Now she lives in Temple and enjoys swimming at Cunningham Pond with her friends. Her favorite subjects are science and reading, but she just loves talking to kids. Mysteries are her favorite books and she truly loves her dog. Her favorite season is fall.

Lenora Davis

Mrs. Kimberly Sell

Administrative Assistant

Kimberly has been at TES for quite a few years, first as a parent, then sub, then our administrative assistant. She just loves working with kids. She lives right here in Temple, but she was born in Pennsylvania. Kimberly enjoys cooking, singing and being outside. She loves city vacations as much as ocean ones. Her favorite season is fall and she loves her dog Zoe.

Kimberly Sell

Mrs Nicole Murray

Library/Media Specialist

Media / Librarian

Mr. Kevin Morneault

P.E. Teacher

Mr. M P.E. Teacher

Mr. Lucius Parshall

Music Teacher

Mr. Parshall comes to TES to teach music. His favorite part of teaching music is being with kids. In his spare time you would find him dancing. He was born in New York and lives in Keene. His favorite pet is his rabbit Skittles. On vacation Mr. Parshall goes to the ocean and you would probably find him reading cookbooks. His favorite season is the fall.

Loucius Parshall

Mrs. Melissa Mucha

School Counselor

Nina Boyle

Mr. Andrew Schultz

Art Teacher

No Image

Ms Elizabeth (Libby) Woodhead

Health Teacher


Mrs. Sheree Hodgson

School Nurse

School Nurse