Student-Parent Handbook

The Temple Elementary School Handbook


We hope this handbook will provide answers to Temple Elementary School parents and guardians’ most frequently asked questions.
This information is also sent home to you on day one , the refrigerator magnet version, to help with those everyday questions and protocols.

As always, families are welcome to call whenever questions arise.


Student Attendance

Regular and punctual patterns of attendance are required of each student. Student attendance is the responsibility of the parents and students. While absences due to illness or other reasons are sometimes unavoidable, parents are encouraged to make every effort to minimize unnecessary student absences.To assist parents or guardians in fulfilling this responsibility, we will inform you of excessive absences if they occur.

Tardy Arrivals

Prompt arrival is very important. Coming to school late can be very disorienting for children. Parents are expected to accompany children inside and sign in upon arrival. This ensures your child’s safe arrival and helps us maintain accurate attendance records. Parents are expected to call by 8:45 am to report a child tardy. We need to know whether your child needs a school lunch and what time he or she will arrive.

Reporting Absences

Please call or enter in Pickup Patrol no later than 8:45 a.m. to confirm your child’s absence. (In the case of a planned absence, it may be more convenient to notify us beforehand.) The answering machine is on every night – leave a message any time.


End of day changes for how your child is getting home need to be put into Pickup Patrol.Enter plan changes when your child will be:

1) Picked up instead of riding the bus – or the reverse.

2) Riding a different bus.

3) Riding the bus to a different bus stop.

4) Picked up by anyone other than a parent or legal guardian. Include who is picking up your child.  A photo ID will be requested.

5.) Absent noting the reason for absence including symptoms they may be experiencing.

Afternoon Dismissal: Bus & Car Pickup Procedures

Bus Dismissal 3:25 pm: TES staff members dismiss children to buses at the end of the day.

Car pickups 3:25 pm: Cars wait in line around the outer edge of parking lot near the first grade/K door. An adult will walk outside with these students and they will release children to your cars.

Visiting and Volunteering

We welcome our volunteers who give so much of their valuable time and talents to benefit our students and our school. Our success is due to the efforts that all of us make together as a community and we very much appreciate everything that our volunteers do for our students. All parents and all visitors must report to the office upon arrival to sign in, and sign out before leaving the building. For safety and security reasons, students and visitors will use the main entrance  and the doors at the end of each corridor remain locked at all times. You must ring the doorbell and a staff member will buzz or let you in.  When you bring your children to school tardy, it is very important that you also stop in the office to sign your child in, or if you are picking your child up early you need to wait for your child in the office and sign him or her out before leaving the building. We will always make sure that each child gets safely to his or her class and that any messages you have for his or her teacher will be delivered.

We make every effort to respect the teaching time that our teachers have with our students and we always welcome parents to our classrooms for planned visits.

TES Behavior Expectations

Students have a responsibility to behave in a manner appropriate to good citizenship everywhere, with courtesy, consideration and respect. The Temple Elementary School’s Behavior Expectations Chart, available on our Web site, outlines developmentally appropriate expectations for our elementary-age students. Topics include Safety (Being Careful), Respect (Caring About Others), and Responsibility (Doing the Right Thing). Our school upholds the tenets outlined by the ConVal School Board on student conduct. (Please see the TES Behavior Matrix) Behavioral expectations are detailed in District policies in subsequent pages of this handbook.

Student Conduct: Rights, Responsibilities and Consequences

Students will not be permitted to engage in any behavior that deprives other students of an orderly atmosphere for study. The ConVal District School Board is committed to providing a safe school environment, in which all members of the school community are treated with respect. The right of each student to an education will receive the highest priority.