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Fourth-grade students are taught how to raise and lower the American flag.

Each day, under adult supervision the fourth-grade students take turns raising and lowering the American flag. They are taught to honor the American flag by handling it with respect and not letting it touch the ground. The students are also taught how to fold the flag when they bring it in at the end of the day.

Mrs. Guathier’s 4th-grade students have been practicing their reading fluency.

The students enjoy working together and helping each other. One student will read while the other student runs a timer.

Practice, practice, practice makes better!

Mrs. Woods’ Kindergarten class practiced using their senses during outdoor learning.

The students then had the opportunity to fingerprint about what they learned. We have some fantastic artists.

Temple Elementary School is hosting a Blood Drive on Thursday, November 4, 2021

Please call or go online to make an appointment. Your donation is very important.

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