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Mrs. Murray put together a beautiful collage to let the students and families know we are thinking about them.

The staff at Temple Elementary School really are very proud of the efforts that the families of TES are putting in to make remote learning successful.


Rob, the most amazing custodian of all time, is showing his support of the Temple Elementary School students and parents.

Please show him how much we appreciate this beautiful gesture by wearing your Tie-Dye shirts on Tuesdays. Feel free to post pictures of your family all decked out for him.

We are so lucky to have someone as special as Rob!

A Temple parent thought up a way for children to play Bingo on ZOOM with each other.

Here are the instructions, in case you want to create your own Bingo group:

Create a 5×5 grid. Put Bingo on top. The children can pick which numbers they want to put in the letter columns,

“We are all in this together,” one mom keeps stressing to her youngsters, as they begin this new journey of “learning at home.”

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