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Springtime brings an opportunity to make fun, new crafts. Kindergarten enjoyed making one of the cutest bunnies.

The kindergarteners puff up their glove bunnies by blowing in the straw at the back of the cup. They had such a great time making this fun craft and going around the school showing their craftsmanship to the other classes.

The third-grade students have been briding with the Harris Center this week.

The students have been learning about New Hampshire birds with the help of Ben from the Harris Center. They saw 8 different species as they walked around the school grounds. The students also learned how to tell the difference between a crow and a raven,

Mrs. Perreault’s first and second-grade students are studying states of matter; liquid, solid, gas.

The students filled aluminum loaf pans with water, added color, and set them out to freeze overnight covering liquid and solid. They are planning to continue making and building this colorful wall and will then wait to experience “gas”

Superintendent Kimberly Rizzo Saunders and the School Board’s Strategic Planning Committee encourage community members to complete surveys to help the ConVal School District to develop a new strategic plan.

Strategic plans act as a roadmap for the District to follow during a five-year period, highlighting specific projects and goals for long-term sustainable growth.

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