School Information

Temple Elementary School

Recognizes and Celebrates What Kids CAN Do in reading, writing, thinking, problem solving, questioning, creating, caring, and sharing.

TES provides a safe environment which is conducive to developing the unique intellectual, social, physical, and emotional potential of each child. We provide challenging curriculum and engaging activities which foster creativity, curiosity and problem solving skills.

In order for children to develop intrinsic positive behaviors we focus on teaching four key attributes: caring, cooperation, respectfulness and responsibility.

Our school instills a love and awareness of being an integral part of a small town rural community as well as members of the global community. Parents and teachers are partners in developing a nurturing place where children’s personal talents and strengths are celebrated.

The Temple parents and students need to know…

Temple Elementary School is not our school but your school!  We want our vision, our goals,  and the environment of your school to create a feeling that everyone is an important part of it.  We realize the important trust you put in our hands when you send your child to school.  What occurs at TES will have a great impact on how your child journeys through the ConVal schools and life. We want students to leave Temple Elementary School being healthy students in every way.  We want them to be strong academically, physically, and emotionally and we want them to be well on their way to becoming life long learners. We want them to have great attitudes and a strong sense of respect for self and others. Let’s all work together as we prepare your child for a bright future.

TES Staff