Featured image of article: Things That Go, Vroom

Temple students participated in the parade at the Children and the Arts Festival.

The students spent a couple of evenings at TES working with their parents to create their one-of-a-kind vehicles.

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Featured image of article: Cooking Club

Some of Temple Elementary School’s third and fourth-grade students are participating in a monthly cooking club.

This past week they prepared Thai spring rolls. The students peeled, chopped,

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Featured image of article: Sound…

The third and fourth-grade students learned about sound and how it travels.

Students are exploring the role that air plays in enabling a sound vibration to travel. In the activity,

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Featured image of article: Wildlife Encounters

Temple Elementary students were treated to a fun, informative assembly about wild animals on Friday, March 31, 2023.

We had a very knowledgeable presenter who made all of his scientific information fun and engaging.

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Featured image of article: Blood Drive

Temple Elementary School will be hosting a Blood Drive on Tuesday, March 28, 2023, from 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

This will be our “Pie Drive”. We will be serving all types of pies from meat pies to dessert pies.

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Featured image of article: Kindergarten Word Work

Ms. Zablotny has so many fun ways of teaching students to read, write, and do mathematics.

Using these fun, magnetic letter boards, students practice spelling words with individual letters and groups of letters.

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Featured image of article: Math Facts

Third and fourth-grade students have been working on their math facts.

Each day the students get a bit closer to having their photo on the “Hot Seat” hall of fame.

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Featured image of article: 100th Day Learning

What an exciting afternoon full of learning activities celebrating the 100th day of school.

The older students enjoyed helping the younger students during the celebration. How full will this jar be with 100 drops of blue water?

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Featured image of article: Cornucopia

Look what we grew!

Temple Elementary School first and second grade students had the opportunity to harvest what they planted in the spring. The fruits of their labor was a tasty salad.

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