Featured image of article: Waterslide Fun

Temple Elementary has an annual tradition of creating a fun waterslide with the help of the Temple Fire Department.

What better way to clean off from Messy Day than to rinse off on a waterslide?

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Featured image of article: Messy Day’s the Best Day

Whose favorite day of the year is “Messy Day”? Mrs. Perreault!

Mrs. Perreault puts a lot of time and effort into making this day a success.

The students love all of the fun, messy stations. Gravity paint, nature paint brushes, shaving cream, glitter and glue, and more. The students had a blast getting messy and making beautiful,

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Featured image of article: Springtime Fun

Springtime brings an opportunity to make fun, new crafts. Kindergarten enjoyed making one of the cutest bunnies.

The kindergarteners puff up their glove bunnies by blowing in the straw at the back of the cup. They had such a great time making this fun craft and going around the school showing their craftsmanship to the other classes.

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Featured image of article: Bird Watching

The third-grade students have been briding with the Harris Center this week.

The students have been learning about New Hampshire birds with the help of Ben from the Harris Center. They saw 8 different species as they walked around the school grounds. The students also learned how to tell the difference between a crow and a raven,

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Featured image of article: States of Matter

Mrs. Perreault’s first and second-grade students are studying states of matter; liquid, solid, gas.

The students filled aluminum loaf pans with water, added color, and set them out to freeze overnight covering liquid and solid. They are planning to continue making and building this colorful wall and will then wait to experience “gas”

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Featured image of article: Serving Temple’s Senior Residents

Temple Elementary School has a long-standing tradition of providing a Thanksgiving Feast for the senior residents of Temple, NH. Because of the pandemic, we have been unable to hold this tradition for the past two years.

With the help of Temple’s Recreation Department and Temple Elementary’s Parent-Teacher Team, we decided to serve the senior residents in a different way.

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Featured image of article: 4th Grade Flag Duty

Fourth-grade students are taught how to raise and lower the American flag.

Each day, under adult supervision the fourth-grade students take turns raising and lowering the American flag. They are taught to honor the American flag by handling it with respect and not letting it touch the ground. The students are also taught how to fold the flag when they bring it in at the end of the day.

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Featured image of article: Reading Fluency

Mrs. Guathier’s 4th-grade students have been practicing their reading fluency.

The students enjoy working together and helping each other. One student will read while the other student runs a timer.

Practice, practice, practice makes better!

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Featured image of article: Senses for Learning

Mrs. Woods’ Kindergarten class practiced using their senses during outdoor learning.

The students then had the opportunity to fingerprint about what they learned. We have some fantastic artists.

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